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Dear author,

Thank you so much for writing me a fic. ♥ I tend to ramble on, so I'll try to keep this as concise as possible.

Things in general that I like: backstory, character studies, literary references, characters talking about books or visiting libraries/bookshops, angsty sex, kinky sex, flawed characters, strong female characters, chromatic (non-white) characters, fics that pass the Bechdel test, femslash, boyslash, gen-fic that's focused on women, dialogue/banter, characters being intelligent, little details, fucked up relationships, open endings.

General dislikes: character bashing, AUs, were-people, vampires, crack, penetration-focused sex, pregnancy/motherhood-focused storylines, unambiguously happy endings. For sex, I'm not really squicked by anything except torture, bloodplay and fisting.

The Talented Mr Ripley: I adore Peter to bits, and always always love to read fic that explores his character in any way. Gen-fic would be lovely, as would Peter/any male character, friendship fic for Peter + Marge, backstory, a coda about him being part of the gay musicians' club in Rome or wherever, an alternative ending in which he survives, or something based on Peter's remark that in Italy, no one is officially gay. Peter/Tom, Peter/Dickie, Marge/Dickie and Marge/Meredith are all fine. Gen is also fine.) I love this film so much that I'd like absolutely anything related to it, and I don't mind death-fic so allusions to the ending would be fine too.

The English Patient: I'd love something focused on either Hana or Kip, but I love Katharine and Almásy too. Backstory for any of them, or a scene in which they interact with one of the others in the villa, would be lovely. I also love stuff related to maps/landscapes/palimpsests. Anything exploring the loveliness that is this book/film and any of the awesome characters would be lovely.

Romantic poets RPF: I pretty much adore all the Romantic poets and find it hard to choose between Coleridge and Keats. I'd love to see anything focusing on the themes of the time, Keats's relationships with any of his peers, a character study of any of the poets nominated, anything Fanny-centric, anything poetry-related: anything, really!

A Suitable Boy: This novel is really dear to me. I love Vikram Seth's writing unconditionally and would be very happy with anything about Firoz/Maan. Anything with Lata or Saeeda would be wonderful too. I'm partial to angsty Firoz/Maan in which Firoz tries to bear Maan's relationship with Saeeda, but would equally love something in which we see them from another character's point of view, or even Lata/Saeeda, or just something character-driven.

Merlin RPF: So excited to see that this fandom is eligible for Yuletide! I love everyone equally and will be thrilled with Angel/Katie, Bradley/Colin, or genfic. Anything set during or after the show would be awesome. The ending broke everyone, and with both Morgana and Arthur dying, it would be awesome to see fic in which the actors deal with the tragedies faced by their characters: for example, Bradley cheering Colin up after the difficult scene in which Merlin has to say goodbye to Arthur, or Katie doing the same for Angel, or just all of them facing the fact that their show is over. For RPF, I'm really fond of scenarios in which actors help each other through difficult scenes in which their characters are facing hard times.

Deviations: The X-Files: I love the AU concept of Scully and Samantha working together and would love anything about these two, whether femslash or gen. Just some ideas, if you find prompts helpful: one of them earning (or losing) the other's trust; realising that they've been dating for a while without really having meant to; or just some good old-fashioned h/c in which one of them is hurt or in danger and too BAMF to ask for the other's help but getting it anyway.

In sum: I absolutely love each of these fandoms and would LOVE to see the fandom you choose from your perspective, so feel free to write the sort of fic that you'd like to read. My adoration for each of these fandoms is unconditional, and I'm hugely excited and super-pleased that we have a common love for one of these lovely stories.

Thank you! <3
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