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I just saw an interesting call for papers on queer readings of vegan texts. Would anyone have recs for vegan texts -- books, films, anything, really, that could be analysed as a text? I've started looking around but am getting stalled by all the results for recipe books.

ETA: There's an awesome issue of Critical Animal Studies for download here, with an entire article on the topic of queer theory and veganism. Abstract below the cut.

Page 51: "What does it mean for a person to declare her or his veganism to the world? How does the transition from one diet to another impact one’s sense of self? Veganism challenges the foundational character of how we “act out” our selves—not least of all in the context of sexuality and gender. In my paper, I am thus interested in the potential of veganism to disrupt the “natural” bond between gender formations and the consumption of animal products, as this relates to social and cultural genealogies. Consequently, I will explore a queer form of veganism that affirms the radical impact of what Sara Ahmed calls “shared deviation.”
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