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Not sure what's going on with LJ with the new servers and all that. I'm not planning on going anywhere else, but just in case: I'm asra on Dreamwidth and smithkingsley on Twitter and Tumblr. If I haven't added you there, please add me so I know where to find you.

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P.S.: This bookmark is made of awesome.
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Working on the syllabus for my fantasy course! I have some questions that I'm hoping my flist will be able to help with.

1. Suggestions for critical essays or articles. So far I have Tolkien's "On Fairy Stories", Ursula Le Guin's "The Critics, the Monsters, and the Fantasists", extracts from Rosemary Jackson's 'Fantasy: The Literature of Subversion', and an article on Harry Potter by Richard Bernstein.

2. Films to watch. So so many, so little time! I'm thinking Fellowship of the Ring, Prisoner of Azkaban, and The Neverending Story. Good/not good? Better options? Maybe The Hunger Games? PotC: Curse of the Black Pearl?

3. BOOKS. The Hobbit, Goblet of Fire (not sure about this one -- Philosopher's Stone may be better?), H G Wells' short story "The Inexperienced Ghost". Should I include Earthsea? Will 18-19 year olds be able to relate? Any suggestions for works/extracts from Gaiman? I want to include Philip Pullman, but His Dark Materials is too long to read/discuss as part of the course, and the film version of 'The Golden Compass' does very little justice to the book. Maybe just the first chapter of the book?

4. TV shows:

- I'm thinking maybe one episode each from Buffy and Merlin. Would the pilot episodes work? Or maybe there are better options among later episodes?
- Possibly SPN? Although all the good episodes I can think of need context to understand. "Roadkill" is a good one, right? Something people who don't know the show will still be able to appreciate (given the awesome twist at the end)? Possibly "Dead in the Water", since it's creepy and atmospheric enough for the genre, and has some wonderful characters as well as great writing? Any other suggestions?
- I know Doctor Who is sci-fi rather than fantasy, but I can think of a couple of episodes, such as 'Blink' and 'A Christmas Carol' (the flying fish are completely awesome!), that might be fitting? Good idea?
- Game of Thrones. Definitely unsuitable to screen on campus, but I'm thinking maybe I can focus on one character (possibly Daenerys and her dragons) and show some clips that could be discussed? I really want to include GoT somehow.
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My Summergen gift fic (Sam and Dean, gen, 4500 words) is the most perfect thing. I feel a little guilty for being the recipient of something so lovely, because I'm definitely not a part of fandom anymore, not the way I used to be. Anyway, that's a conversation for some other time. The fic takes place right after 'Dark Side of the Moon' (BE STILL MY HEART) and alternates between the present and the summer Sam was 17, thereby completely indulging my love of both DSotM and pre-series fic.

Trust me, you want to read a fic that begins like THIS. )

I have a feeling I know the author because the writing is so familiarly beautiful (I've already narrowed down the list of possible suspects to two, lol), but I'll be just as happy if it turns out that the author is new to me because hey, more awesome people around = always good! And you, dear mystery author, are perfectly awesome, and I'm so glad (and lucky!!) that you were my gifter. ♥
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+ That three-sentence thing, because my works in progress are eating my brain and I want to take a break from them. If you're inclined to, give me a character/pairing and I'll write you at least three sentences. Fandoms: Any fandom that you know I'm aware of. (In fact, if you're familiar with my usual kind of writing and would like to drag me out of my comfort zones, I'll happily go along, so prompt me with ~anything you like, even if (especially if) you happen know that it's not my usual thing. Not that I would be averse to prompts that ~are my usual thing, JSYK. :-D)

+ Also, if you'd like to talk to me about your pov on comfort zones, I'd love to know your thoughts: what are you usually uncomfortable with, fanworks-wise? Is there anything (trope, situation, pairing, whatever) you think you absolutely will not read/write/draw/podfic/look at/listen to? What, if anything, might change your mind?

+ I'm writing a fic about a transgendered character and I'm terrified and excited about it. I know some of you are into transgendered characters, so if you'd like to rec me your favourite trans fics (I prefer female to male, at the moment, but male to female is good too), I would be beyond thrilled. I mostly read SPN and Merlin fics, but I'm fine with fic in other fandoms too. (Also, if you'd like to talk at length about this stuff, do do mail me at lyryk42 at gmail. I'd be ridic happy to talk about trans characters in fanworks, or even related issues in general.)

+ I want to write all the treats ever for [livejournal.com profile] rarewomen, ugh. The SPN requests are here, if anyone wants a quick link.

+ Pretty sure I've linked this SamandDean vid before but I've been watching it again because it's like THE SWEETEST THING EVER and sometimes you need that sort of thing. IDK.

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So, I decided to do the 100 Things Challenge! If you don't already know, the objective is to pick a topic and make a hundred posts about it. There is no deadline so I'm probably going to be posting about this for the rest of my life so don't worry, I'm not going to be spamming you, and I'll put most stuff under a cut so those who aren't interested don't have to subject themselves to my fangirliness.

I've decided to post about 100 Female Characters I Love, mostly queer/chromatic characters from shows/films/books. I might do ficlets for some of them, but mostly I'll just post pics/general squee.

So here is Character #1: the very, very adorable Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural. Spoilery for episode 7.20, obvs.

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